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Points of Contact No.5 by Victor Pasmore

Point of Contact No.5 by Victor Pasmore
Accession Code: wu0159
Title: Points of Contact No.5
Date completed: 1965
Medium: Print
Location Name: Chemistry
Location Description: Entrance

© Estate of Victor Pasmore. All Rights Reserved, DACS 2021

Victor Pasmore's artistic career spans many years and encompasses an important change of style. In the late 1930s he was one of a group of artists who became know as the Euston Road School. Their work tried to be as faithful to reality as possible and demanded close observation of the subjects although atmosphere rather than detail characterises their work.

In the 1940s Pasmore became convinced that abstract art was the only possible subject for an artist living and working in the twentieth century. He was particularly influenced by the work of Paul Klee and the writings of Charles Biederman who proposed that all compositions should conform to certain mathematical propositions to ensure optimum harmony. Pasmore revolutionised the teaching of art in universities, encouraging students to explore the properties of colour, line and form rather than to copy the works of great masters.