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CTA 102 No.4 by Victor Vasarely

CTA 102 No.4 by Victor Vasarely
Accession Code: wu0191
Title: CTA 102 No.4
Date completed: 1966
Medium: Prints
Location Name: Westwood House

© ADAGP, Paris and DACS, London 2017
Vasarely is one of the leading exponents of Op or Optical Art. The term was first used in 1964 to denote a certain type of abstract art, usually of Constructivist origin, which explored optical phenomena such as the interaction of colours, after-images, effects of dazzle, moiré patterns and perceptual movement, often in a systematic manner.

The works in the Collection epitomise the style - colour and pattern combine to create a new visual language. For Vasarely 'to experience the presence of a work of art is more important than to understand it.'

Writing in 1966 the art historian, Jasia Reichardt commented: 'Op Paintings do not lend themselves to intellectual exploration - their forte is the provocation of an intense sensual often sensational impact, which ultimately can be nothing more than a unique experience.'