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Mead Gallery Exhibitions 2024

Phantom Sculpture

Off White 1 by Olivia Bax

Off White 1 by Olivia Bax

Friday 6th October 2023 - Sunday 10th March 2024

Phantom Sculpture brings together some of the most important artists working today and puts them into conversation with key works by older artists.

During the exhibition several works that are present at the beginning of the project will disappear and be replaced with new sculptures to create different interactions and connections between artists.

Combining significant works by major artists from the past and present with contributions from emerging artists, Phantom Sculpture features works by Anthony Caro, Richard Deacon, Mona Hatoum, Barbara Hepworth, Sarah Lucas, Veronica Ryan, Rachel Whiteread, as well as Rebecca Ackroyd, Jonathan Baldock and 2023 Turner Prize winner Jesse Darling.