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Artwork of the month - Etching by Alison Wilding

Etching by Alison WildingBorn 1948 in Lancashire, Wilding attended Nottingham School of Art and Ravensbourne School of Art before going to the Royal Academy Schools from 1970-73.  Primarily a sculptor Wilding has exhibited extensively in Britain and abroad, including one-person exhibitions at the Serpentine Gallery, Museum of Modern Art, Oxford, Tate Gallery Liverpool, Dean Clough, Halifax and Ikon Gallery, Birmingham.  Her work was also shown at the Mead Gallery in 1993 in the exhibition Recent British Sculpture, toured by the Arts Council.

Wilding often uses two contrasting materials in her sculpture or two distinct shapes, setting-up a balance or a tension between the elements. She continues with this theme in this series of subtle, contemplative etchings, contrasting the solid black lines with the softer shapes in yellows and greys.