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Create a collage

Here's some ideas on how to get started creating your own collage.

First find some card, paper or old magazines. If they don't belong to you check with their owner that you are allowed to cut or tear them up. You can even use cereal boxes or packaging that is finished with.

Used magazines material for making a collage

Have a look through and choose which pictures or colours you want to use and then either cut or tear them into pieces.

Cut out pieces ready for collage Cut out collage pieces

If you decide to use scissors rather than tearing into pieces make sure a parent or guardian is happy for you to do this.

barcodes cut into strips

You can get really creative with your cutting too. In the image above thin cuts have been made at intervals all along the barcodes to make them look like grass or fringe.

Cut out paper and glue stick

If you have a glue stick you can start sticking your cut out pieces of paper onto another sheet of paper. Don't worry if you don't have glue, you can just carefully place your cut out pieces on the paper. Not using glue also means that you can change your design as many times as you like.

Finished collage Finished collage Picture of a finished collage

Here are three finished collages. The first one is not stuck down to the backing paper the second one is stuck down and the third one has some sections that are stuck down and some that are curled up off the backing paper.

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