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Art Activities at Home

Welcome to our Art Activities at Home section.

Recreate an artwork from the collection.
The team have each selected an artwork from the collection and made an attempt at creating it at home. Follow the link above to see what we did. It would be great if you would join in too - Pick any artwork you would like to do from the collection. You can take a look at works in the collection by clicking on the Artist tab above and scrolling through. Use whatever you have to hand to recreate it. Anything goes. Send your attempts to Liz at and we will add your recreation to our page.

Create a collage.
Artist in the collection Mario Dubsky started creating collage's after a serious illness. He could no longer use oil paint, but still wanted to make exciting artworks and collage was a great way to do that.

Collage by Mario Dubsky

This was a collage that Mario Dubsky made. If you look closely you can see that pieces of coloured paper have been torn into small shapes and layered on top of each other on a coloured in background.

They are very easy to make. All you need is some old magazines or coloured paper, you don't even have to use glue. Find out more information on how to create your own collage

Make some Land Art.

In 1986 artist in the collection Andy Goldsworthy created Land Art artworks on campus. Land Art is the name given to artworks which are made using only natural materials, that can be found in the landscape, such as twigs or leaves. It includes sculptures that could be made from shaping soil or from piling up rocks.

If you have access to an outdoor space you can make your own Land Art. Find out more here.