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Calling All Dog Walkers

We know that a lot of dog walkers enjoy coming to the University of Warwick. We want to make a trail for you that takes in some of the sculptures on campus.

We’d love to know which areas your dogs like and any stories about your dogs’ experience that might give other people an insight into our campus.

We'd like to commission some illustrations of dogs so it would be great if you would let us have a photo of your dog on which to base them.

And do let us know what might improve your experience.

If you are interested in helping us please fill in our quick Online Form hereLink opens in a new window, or on the tab above.

We warmly welcome all responsible dog owners to our outdoor spaces across campus.

Dogs are not allowed inside buildings unless they are an assistance dog.

The campus is home to diverse wildlife, people and families. Please keep your dog on a lead and clean up after them. Thank you.

Bramble the Rottweiler on a recent visit to campus