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Health Careers case study

Screenshots from Health Careers video series

The brief

Health Careers, part of NHS Health Education England, asked for our help to create a series of videos promoting some of the different roles that are under-resourced in health.

They had to appeal to a broad demographic, so we aimed to interview multiple people with varied backgrounds for each role.

The work

Working with real patients we had to be aware of not causing disruption and gaining peoples cooperation. We wanted to ensure we were giving a true impression of what each role within the health services entailed.

The key was to get people to talk openly about how they got into the role in the first place and why they liked it. This created an honest advertisement to encourage people to look at working in a specific area.

One day we’d be in the Isle of Wight filming a Psychiatrist and the next in Hull with a Health Trainer. Our position in the centre of the UK helped with the logistics of filming people across the country.

Multiple filming locations


Video filming

Video editing

Over 30 healthcare professionals interviewed to create 24 videos.

The result

In total we interviewed over 30 healthcare professionals and have created 24 videos.