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Account Manager: Chris Woodhouse

Job Title: Client Partner



Direct Dial: 07851 065 292

Who we are

Since 1997 we’ve worked with Higher Education providers to successfully navigate the ever-changing world of the higher education market, both in the UK and overseas. We know how complex and increasingly competitive the sector is, and how much it changes. Luckily, we also know how to help you stand out.

What we do

We use Research, Data, Experience and Expertise to help you attract and engage students with your offer and persuade them to apply, both now and in the future.

We’ll help you understand:

Your audience

Who do we need to target?
What are their preferences?
What are their behaviours?
How do we reach them?

Your market

Who’s the competition?
What are they doing?
How are they performing?
Where is your vital territory?

Your brand

What are you known for?
How do you say that?
What assets do you have?
What’s missing?

Your portfolio

How are you strong?
How are you weak?
What needs developing?
What’s the growth capacity?

How we do this – our services

1) Campaign delivery – doing the practical well:

• Campaign strategy, research, planning, buying and implementation
• Content and Conversion Marketing
• Across all media channels – Bought, Earned, Owned
• Channel and audience insight
• Measurement, analysis, tracking & reporting
• Creative services
• Web Development

2) Campaign strategy – helping you look to the future:

• Helping you understand target audiences (customers!) through data analysis, profiling and mapping
• Portfolio Development and competitor analysis
• Identifying market opportunities, media analytics, outreach and CRM strategies
• Brand definition and development, content marketing


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