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Digital Platforms and Channels

CRM Training

Platforms and Channels

Don't know how to host online or take bookings for in person events? Not sure what our team can support you with?

Recent News and Updates

Bizzabo Virtual Room Update

The old 'interact' session within Bizzabo will be removed on 15 February 2024. This will be replaced by Bizzabo's new 'Ultimate' streaming service. You can read more about it on our Bizzabo Training Guide.

OneLan Staff Guide Updated

Our Staff OneLan guide has been updated to reflect upcoming changes to OneLan's UI. This introduces a refreshed, modern look and feel to the platform.

Our Calendars Roadmap

What plans do we have for calendars and events at Warwick? What are we working on? Have a look at our Calendars Roadmap to find out more!

What are we responsible for?

  • Supporting the recruitment and conversion of prospective students, using the Azorus CRM system.
    • Integration of Azorus with other apps and data imports.
  • Supporting the Student Communications team using the Azorus CRM system.
  • Development and management of OurWarwick, our blogging platform.
  • Management of Warwick's UniBuddy presence.
  • Technical support and development of the Bizzabo virtual event platform.
  • Management of the Meet & Engage live chat platform.
  • Technical management of the Piazza Big Screen and Oculus digital screens.
  • Providing GDPR and Accessibility best practice and guidance to colleagues.
  • Co-development with IDG of the MyWarwick app.

CRM Network HE

The CRMNHE is a professional network of CRM colleagues from HEIs across the UK. Free to join and chaired by Richard Harrison they provide virtual and in-person conferences to share best practice and networking opportunities.

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