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Big Screen (Piazza) Refresh!

When you stand in the Piazza, one of the first things you notice is the Big Screen sitting above the Rootes Building. Installed in 2012, the layout of the screen hasn't changed since it was first designed. Now, over 10 years later, we thought it was time for a refresh.

For more information about the Big Screen and to submit content, see Big Screen (Piazza) Specification and Templates.

Incorporating elements from the previous design, along with the Warwick branding, we've added:

Big Screen Headers

Section Headers

These scroll through along with the content to help identify where you are in the general playlist in five sections: Societies and SU, Study, Get Involved, Offers and Wellbeing.

In other layouts, such as on TV Channels and when we run Event Takeovers, this bar can be used to display other information, such as which channel is being displayed, or what event is showing.

Big Screen Holi

Bottom Banner

We've expanded the use of the bottom bar. Although it's size has been reduced to 44 px in height, instead of 66 px, content can now be placed below, or over the clock/date.

Importantly, we can now display day-long content: cultural dates, observances or key comms messaging.

In the example above, we've added a banner displaying Holi, which can be displayed all day, or rotated with other content.

Big Screen Event

Event Headers

By replacing the section headers during event takeovers, we can help explain the content.

The example above replaces the section headers with a description of the One to Watch video, as well as has a scrolling banner at the bottom as branding and messaging for the event.

Big Screen Aubergine

More possibilities!

If you have a larger campaign, we can also change back whole background colour of the screen.

You could even have it flashing different colours if it was an important message you wanted to be noticed!

You'll also see we've added the day and date to the default clock!

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