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General Feedback for the University

The University of Warwick is committed to providing a high level of service and quality of provision. If you have any feedback about the University, department or service and haven't found a more direct route to provide it, please use the University's General Feedback Form.

Our General Feedback Form has been designed for you to be able to submit your feedback about the University in the easiest way possible, and in a way that respects your privacy. While you may not receive an individual response, your feedback will be considered by the relevant departmental or service providers in timely way. We will periodically publish a sample of the actions taken as a result of the feedback received.

The University of Warwick values all feedback, regardless of perceived importance or severity. We are committed to ensuring we deliver the best services possible and your comments help us to do that. With this in mind, please give as much detail as possible in your feedback. [If you wish to submit a formal complaint, however, please do not use this form. See further information available on the University Complaints and Feedback page.]

On occasion, the University may wish to contact you for further information about the feedback you have submitted. If you would rather submit anonymously then please leave this section of the form blank.

Many thanks for engaging with the University and supporting its future success in this way.

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