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Student Complaints

Our Student Complaints Resolution Procedure has 3 Stages.

The initial stage in the complaints procedure allows for straightforward complaints to be resolved quickly and effectively at the point at which the issue occurred.

The second stage of the complaints procedure may be used if you are not satisfied with attempts to informally resolve your complaint. Alternatively this stage can be used if the complaint is so complex or serious that informal resolution would be inappropriate.

If you are not satisfied with your Stage 2 outcome then, if you meet the published criteria, you can apply for a review of the Stage 2 process to include previously unavailable evidence or determine that appropriate processes were followed and that the Stage 2 decision was reasonable.

Useful Links

Student Complaints Resolution Procedure (with effect from 2 November 2022)

Previous Student Complaints Resolution Procedure (expired 1 November 2022 and for historical reference only)