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Concerns about making a complaint

Will my complaint be treated confidentially?

Complaints will be processed confidentially as appropriate to allow the complaint to be resolved satisfactorily. If you have concerns about confidentiality please contact the Student Complaints and Academic Casework Team at

If I make a complaint will it impact on my University education either now or in the future?

No genuine and non-vexatious complaints will impact on a student's education now, or in the future, but where a complaint is found to be vexatious or not genuine, the complaint will be closed and appropriate disciplinary action may be taken. Please refer to Section 4 of the Student Complaints Resolution Procedure.

Can I raise a complaint about my supervisor(s) and / or mentor?

Students should raise problems with their supervisor(s) and/or mentor at the earliest opportunity so that any problems can be addressed. Please see Regulation 37 Governing Research Degrees that states that in the case of an appeal students will be required to explain why they did not make a complaint at an earlier stage

Problems can be raised directly with your supervisor or if you do not feel comfortable with this you should raise the issue with another member of staff in your department. These may include the Course Director (for taught postgraduate degrees), the Director of Graduate Studies, the Head of Department or any other appropriate member of staff within your department.

If you still have queries you are advised to seek advice from one or more of the following:

I am worried that if I make a complaint my academic supervisor(s) and / or mentor will treat me differently. Should I be concerned?

As long as you can demonstrate that you have brought your complaint without malice and that it is based on evidence which you honestly and reasonably believe to be true, you will be protected by the University against any subsequent victimisation or recrimination.