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Who can make a complaint?

Does the University accept anonymous complaints?

Complainants are discouraged from making anonymous complaints. However anonymous complaints will be considered if sufficient information is provided to enable the University to investigate. Further details can be found in Section 5 of the Student Complaints Resolution Procedure.

Can a family member or friend make a complaint on my behalf?

The University will accept complaints brought by a representative provided personal consent is given under the requirements of the Data Protection Act. You must give consent for a representative to act on your behalf and confirm the accuracy of any documentation or evidence submitted by your representative. Further details can be found in Section 4 of the Student Complaints Resolution Procedure.

Can I raise a complaint about another student’s behaviour?

In the first instance we would encourage students to resolve their differences between themselves. However if you feel uncomfortable doing this, or attempts at resolution have failed, you can raise a complaint though the Student Complaints Resolution Procedure. Mediation will normally be offered in cases where the issues are about another student or students' behaviour. Complaints relating to Student Societies should be directed to the Students' Union Sabbatical Officer (Societies).

Can I complain about cyber bullying?

Students are encouraged to report incidences of inappropriate behaviour. If cyber bullying is reported it will be dealt with in the same way as incidents that take place in a face-to-face setting. Further details are available in the University’s Dignity at Warwick Policy.

Cyber bullying is a term used to refer to bullying through electronic media, usually via social networking sites, personal web pages, emails, twitter, text messages, personal space provided by internet providers, and internet presence including blogs such as Facebook, MySpace and Web2, and all other social media whether private, personal or public. In using social media or posting online all students should consider the content, language and appropriateness of such communications.

Acceptable Behaviour

Students are expected to communicate courteously throughout the complaint resolution process. Unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated and may result in your complaint being closed, and depending on the severity of the behaviour, disciplinary action may be taken. Further details can be found in Section 4 of the Student Complaints Resolution Procedure.