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About Warwick Holiday Camps

The Holiday Camps are open to school children aged 5-16 years old and are available during various holiday periods throughout the year.

The Holiday Camps are available for children and dependants of:

  • Children attending local schools in Coventry and Warwickshire.
  • University of Warwick staff and students
  • Partner organisations on campus
  • University of Warwick Science Park

A combined Holiday Camp

The Holiday Scheme (Children’s Services), Warwick Sports and Warwick Arts have previously offered separate holiday programmes for children at different locations around campus.

Each department has capitalised on their area of expertise using departmental resources.

Parent feedback informed us that it was confusing having separate camps.

In response to this, we are now offering an integrated service which offers activities from three departments all within one camp. The new programme has been developed to simplify the process for busy parents/carers.

How does it work?

Our combined Holiday Camps now means that everything has been centralised.

  • One drop-off/pick-up location
  • One website/booking process
  • One main point of contact
  • We organise the rest

For example, your child could attend the Multi-Activity Camp (currently known as the Holiday Scheme) during the morning and then swap to a sports activity for the afternoon. We will provide the transport and have organised a mini-bus to offer three pick-up/drop-offs per day.

You will have more flexibility to mix and match activities that excites your child.

Warwick Arts will continue to offer specalised programmes for older children but, in addition, taster sessions of a similar nature will be embedded in the Multi-Activity Camp. These sessions have been adapted to suit the needs of a younger age group.