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Vizeye is a new company from The University of Warwick, which is concentrating on advanced optical instruments. Years of research at the University in association with Warwick Hospital has resulted in its first product, which will be a low cost digital ophthalmoscope (the instrument for inspecting the retina of the eye). Retinal inspections are of great importance for diagnosing conditions such as glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and age-related macular degeneration, many of which can cause blindness.

The traditional instrument, which has not changed dramatically in the last 100 years, has no means of recording the view, leading to inadequate diagnoses, wasted clinical time and negative medical outcomes. Nonetheless, it is regularly used by over 20,000 medical professionals in the UK, and up to 500,000 worldwide. Our new instrument will incorporate modern camera electronics, advanced optics and specialist software, yet can be sold at price that every doctor and optician can afford. Initial response from the potential customers has been excellent.

An opthalmoscope, with a position and orientation aware "smart" camera to allow non-contact, non mydriatic (no pupil dilation), automatic acquisition and storage of digital images of the retina. The images could then be mosaiced to create a contiguous picture. This would be a novel combination of narrow-field optics with position/orientation sensing image mosaicism software. The proposed opthalmoscope could be developed further into products for diagnostic and non-medical applications. For example a confocal system could be added to provide high resolution, 3D mapping of the entire retina. The depth information could be used for inspection of the optic nerve. It could be also extended to spectral screening and infra-red imaging (post-operative inflammation).

The team includes a Professor of Engineering, a Consultant Ophthamologist and an experienced Sales and Marketing professional.

If you wish to know more about Vizeye then please do get in touch, below:

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