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Running Successful Collaborate Webinars


 Ahead of Session

  1. Send out link to meeting room & include brief instructions (e.g. use Chrome if you can)
  2. Prepare slides & include some quick guidance for newbies
  3. Do a run-through to ensure that sharing etc is working OK

At start of session

  1. Ask if everyone can hear (ask for show of hands)
  2. Ask people to turn off microphones
  3. Remind participants that they can also ask questions via text chat
  4. Tell people that the session is being recorded

During Session

  1. Stop regularly & ask for questions
  2. Ask for OK to carry on
  3. Use polling tools to keep people engaged
  4. Look at camera (at least occasionally)

At/After end of Session

  1. Provide links for follow up questions
  2. Provide link to recording