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Use H5P to create (interactive) content

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What is HTML5 Package (H5P)?

We are familiar with non-interactive web pages with text, images and possibly even video. Interactive content provides a richer set of options for the user. They get more control over the flow of information on the screen and can input answers to questions to test their knowledge and understanding. H5P makes this easier - it allows you to create rich and interactive web experiences more effectively.

H5P is integrated into our Moodle system, so you can add H5P activities directly into your Moodle course space. It is also mobile friendly, meaning that it is completely responsive, providing your learners with the same rich content, regardless of which device they are viewing the content on.

Why and when would you use H5P?

There are three ways in which an H5P activity may usefully enhance the learning process:

1. As a way of combining resources, including images, video, text, audio, links, and files into a structured sequence that may be navigated by the student - adding commentary and text notes to enhance their value.

2. As small, self-contained self-evaluation activities that are engaging to use, visual and memorable.

3. You might also get students to create their own H5P activities, for example, Timelines.

Want to learn more?

You can setup H5P activities directly in Moodle. You’ll need to select the ‘Interactive Content’ activity from the ‘Activity Chooser’ menu. When students complete an activity, their performance is recorded in the Moodle Gradebook. Moodle contains the H5P editors for creating activities. Or you can upload activities created elsewhere.

How to add an H5P activity in Moodle?

1. Login to Moodle and click the cog wheel on top right-hand corner and click ‘Turn Editing On’.

Turn Editing ON

2. On the Topic section where you would like your H5P content, click on ‘Add an Activity or Resource’.

Add Activity or Resource

3. In the Activity section, click on ‘H5P Interactive Content’.

Click H5P

4. Then click the ‘Add’ button to add the chosen H5P activity on to the course.

Click on Add

5. Add a title under the ‘Name’ box relevant to your content type. This is what the student will see on the Moodle page so it could say something like ‘Flashcards’.


6. Click ‘Select Content Type to open up the various H5P content types.

Select H5P

7. Click 'Details' on the content type you wish to use and you will be presented with the content type details page. This page is where you can read the details of the content type, see screenshots and look at a demo of the activity type.

 List of H5P activities

8. If you wish to continue with the content type you have chosen, scroll down and click on 'Use' button.

Use button

9. The content type is ready for use and now you will be able to start creating your content within your chosen activity type. Below is an example of 'course presentation' content type.

Example of course presentation

End of process.

The information on this page relates to Moodle v3.4 and was last updated August 2018.


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