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Access online lecture captures

What is Lecture Capture?

Our Lecture Capture system, Echo360, allows tutors to digitally record lectures (as audio/video, screen captures or over PowerPoint slides) and to make the recordings available for you to view online through Moodle. Please note that not all lectures will be recorded and available online. For more information on which modules are available, please speak to your department directly.

In this guide:

Each of the summaries below links to more information on the comprehensive Echo360 support pages. You can go directly to these using the links in the box on the right.

Echo360 Lecture Capture Support Pages

Viewing classroom content
Taking notes
Flagging and bookmarking
Downloading notes
Study Guide
Please note some Echo360 tools are not available at Warwick.

Accessing lecture recordings

Warwick Business School students should access lecture recordings via MyWBS. Access the lecture capture recordings via the module homepage via the "Lecture recordings" tab.

You can access the recordings in Moodle through the Lecture Capture block which appears on the right-hand side of the Moodle module space.

The lecture capture block that appears in moodle

Click on the lecture capture block to open the Echo360 classroom. This shows you the list of recordings (Classes) that have been made available to you for this module.

Each recording has a name and a date and they are usually listed in chronological order, though your tutor may change the order if necessary.

The lecture capture classroom containing a list of recordings

Recordings that are available for the module have a play button to indicate the status of the recording.

If there is NO play button shown for the class, then there are no recordings to view in the classroom. The lecture may not have been recorded yet or the video has not been made available to students. Please contact your tutor if you think a recording should be available.
Green arrow ready to watch indicator
The green icon indicates the recording is ready for you to view. Simply click on the recording and it opens in a player.
Grey arrow already  watched indicator
The dark grey icon is displayed for captures that have previously been viewed by you. You can click to view the recording again.
Pale grey arrow recording scheduled indicator
The light grey icon indicates the recording has been scheduled (for the future) but is not currently ready to view.

Click on one of the available class recordings to open it in the Echo360 viewer and use the play , rewind and fast-forward buttons at the bottom to control playback.

Lecture capture viewer window showing control icons at the bottom, and annotate icons at the top

If you are experiencing problems with lecture captures taking a long time to buffer and start playing, please click on the options icon at the bottom right and change the video quality settings from high definition to standard definition. You can also try moving closer to your wireless router, or connecting using a cable instead. If you are still experiencing problems with playback, check your internet speed, get some support details and contact us via the HelpDesk.

Using the mobile app

You can use the free Echo360 mobile app to watch and download recordings to watch offline. This guide is for students.

The mobile app does not support viewing of Live-streamed classes; you must use a native mobile or desktop browser to view live streams. You can view the recording once it is published. Find out more about the app limitations.

The Echo360 App is available for the following devices:

Android app

Download the app from the Play Store
iOS app Download the app from the Apple Store
Windows Mobile app Download the app from the Microsoft Store
Amazon Kindle Download the app from the Kindle Store

Logging in to the App

  1. Tap the Echo360 App on your mobile device.
  2. Enter your full University email address i.e. and click Submit.
  3. Select University of Warwick as the institution from the drop-down list.
  4. Enter your password.
    • If this is the first time you have logged in to Echo360 directly, you will need to set your password. Click on the Forgot you password? Click here to reset link. You will receive an email sent to your University email address. Follow the instructions in the email. Do not use the same password as you use to log in to University systems. Return to the log in, once you have set your password.

View Lecture Recordings from your Echo360 App

By default, when you log in to the app you will be shown classes and recordings for the current academic year. You can view classes and recordings from previous academic years.

Viewing recordings on the mobile app

Downloading and viewing content Offline

The mobile app includes a useful feature that enables you to download recordings to view offline. This is particularly useful if you don’t have access to reliable high-speed internet or will be offline for a period of time.

Using the mobile app offline

Downloaded recordings are encrypted and only viewable on the Echo360 app.

For additional support, including guidance on active learning tools, view the Echo360 App online support page.

Interacting with lecture captures

Lecture Capture offers a number of active learning tools to help you engage with the captures which include note-taking, bookmarking and flagging.

The annotate icons for notes, flagging and bookmarking

Taking Notes

Click on the notes tool to take notes whilst the recording is playing.

Notes are automatically linked to the video location or presentation slide to help you review them later. You also have the option to download the notes.


Use the bookmark icon to bookmark a video location or slide. The bookmark will appear in your Study Guide allowing you to return to a specific location and review the materials later.


Use the flag to record that you are confused by what was discussed in the recording or to indicate that you have a question about the presentation to support your tutor in providing clarification later.

If the class has both a video and a presentation, you can select which one you found confusing. Click the flag a second time to mark both items.

Download notes

Click on the download link which appears at the top of the notes section to save a copy of your notes as a text file.

Study Guide

Echo360 organises your notes, bookmarks, and questions throughout the module into a smart study guide that you can use to review and study for an assessment.