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Turning Technologies ResponseWare

What is it?

Add interactive questions into a PowerPoint presentation using the Turning Point Cloud desktop application (Windows and Mac).

In your lecture, students respond using either:

  1. Their own laptops, smart phones or tablets (by connecting to your session at ).
  2. Response keypads (known as clickers) borrowed from Audio Visual Services (some departments may also have their own sets).

In most cases we recommend option 1. Warwick students can be relied upon to have devices connected to wifi, as well as the skills needed to connect to your session. Clickers should be used with participants who are unlikely to have access to the University wifi network. In both cases you will need a ResponseWare account issued by IT Services to be able to teach with it. Students do not need accounts.

Find out more about how it works and how you can teach with it:

Details on how to get ResponseWare, demo videos and useful articles (based on real uses at Warwick) can be found at:

Robert O'Toole of the Academic Technology team will help you in person to get started with it.

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