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Upload An Image: Select File To Upload

Upload An Image: Select File To Upload

This is the full pathname on your computer of the image you wish to upload. Although you can manually type this in, it is a lot easier to use the 'Browse...' button.

To specify a file to upload:

  1. Either click on the textbox labeled 'Select file to upload' and type in the full pathname of the image you wish to upload


    click on the 'Browse...' button and look for the file on your computer. When found, double click on it or press the 'Open' button and the filename will be automatically entered for you.

    Select file to upload
  2. Complete the other options for uploading.

  3. Click on the 'Upload image' button. Upload image button

Your image will then be displayed as confirmation of the upload, and the path to the image will be shown. You can then use this path to insert the image into a blog entry, or organise your images in the Admin Images section.

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