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Upload A ZIP File: Galleries

Upload A ZIP File: Galleries

When you upload a ZIP file of images you can choose to put them in any number of the galleries that you have created on you blog. The upload ZIP file form displays a list of your galleries with a checkbox for each one. You can put the images in more than one gallery if you wish, without having the images duplicated. It is also possible to upload the ZIP file without adding the images to a gallery by not ticking any of the checkboxes. If you do this it will not be possible for people to browse to the images through the Galleries section of your blog, but you will be able to link to the images and add them to a blog entry.

To add the images to a gallery:

  1. Click in the checkbox next to each gallery in which you wish the image to appear.

  2. Complete the other options for uploading.
  3. Click on the 'Upload Zip File' button. Upload zip file button

Your images will then be displayed as confirmation of the upload, and the path to the images will be shown.

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