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When I send my credentials, I get a 302 Moved Temporarily response to web sign-on

Sitebuilder is not recognising you as authorised.

  1. Make sure you are accessing or over https, not just http://
  2. Make sure you are sending HTTP Basic Auth credentials. If you add a forcebasic=true parameter to the URL, Sitebuilder will return a 401 Unauthorized response if you don't send credentials
  3. Make sure your password is correct

I am sending my username and password, but I still get a 302 Moved Temporarily

You will get a 302 Moved Temporarily with a Location: header that ends in error=notloggedin if your password is incorrect, or if your HTTP Basic auth header is formatted incorrectly.

I get a 403 Forbidden response from Sitebuilder

The account you are sending the username and password for does not have Sitebuilder permissions to perform the operation. Make sure that you give your API user enough permissions to perform the operations (i.e. Edit permissions, for the most part)

I get a 500 Internal Server Error from Sitebuilder

A 500 error means that Sitebuilder had some error in its internal working when it was performing the operation. Looking at the response body may give you more information - a lot of the time this is due to not passing a page= parameter. For some operations (generally those that begin /sitebuilder2/render/) you may have to use the parameter sbrPage instead of page. If this error is persistent, you can email webteam at warwick dot ac dot uk, ensuring that you include the URL you are requesting, any data that you are sending and the full response body that Sitebuilder sent, including any headers.

I get a 500 Internal Server Error, or some error that my XML is not well formatted

You must ensure that you are sending the correct content type in PUT and POST requests to the Atom Publishing Protocol endpoints. If you don't send any content type, the default will usually be application/x-www-form-urlencoded, which is incorrect as you are not sending a key=value list of arguments.

For an Atom XML document, the correct Content-Type is application/atom+xml. For uploading files, the Content-Type should be set to the MIME type of the file itself. Consult your programming language's documentation for how to find the MIME type of a file (or you can usually do a search for the extension and the words mime type).