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Create a web page from an Office document

You can upload a document and SiteBuilder will convert it to a web page. The supported file types are:

  • DOC, DOCX – Microsoft Word
  • ODT, ODS – OpenOffice
  • RTF – Rich Text Format

2 March 2017: SiteBuilder no longer supports creating web pages by uploading a PowerPoint or Excel file. To publish a PowerPoint presentation in SiteBuilder, we recommend that you convert it to a .pdf file. Unlike a series of images, text in a PDF is searchable, can be read aloud by screen readers and can be indexed by search engines.

  1. In PowerPoint, go to File > Save As and choose PDF from the File Format drop-down list.
  2. Upload the PDF file to your web page.

For Excel files that you intend solely to be read, convert these to PDF from within Excel via File > Save As. If you expect others to reuse the data in a spreadsheet program or other analytical tool, upload the Excel file instead.

Create a new page

  1. Browse to the parent page under which you want to create the new page.
  2. Go to Edit > More, then select the Sub-pages tab.
  3. Select Create from Office.
  4. Select the Browse/Choose file button and attach your document.
  5. To overwrite an existing page with the same name, select Overwrite existing page. This option is useful if you're updating a page with a new version of a document. By enabling this option you won't need to delete the existing page before creating the new one.

    Caution: if you select Overwrite existing page, any page with the same name as the one you are creating will be deleted and replaced with the new page based on the document.

  6. Under Add page properties, enter a URL for the new page. If you don't specify a URL, the document's file name is used without the file extension. For example, uploading My Report.docx creates a page URL ending my-report.
  7. Enter the page heading, title bar caption and link caption. For a description of these properties, see: create a new blank page.
  8. Enter the keywords and page contact.
  9. When you have finished editing the page properties, select Create new page.
  10. You see a confirmation message with a link to view the new page. Note that a copy of the document is not stored on the Files tab.

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