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How do I change a page's column widths?

Use the page layout tool to change the ratio of column widths in two-column layouts, or toggle between single- and two-column layouts.

  1. Browse to the page you want to edit.
  2. Go to Edit > Edit centre content (or Edit right content).
  3. Select the page layout button in the toolbar:

    Page layout button circled

  4. The Page layout window shows the available layouts and their respective column width ratios (single, 50:50, 66:33, 33:66, 25:75 and 75:25). Select your preferred layout:

    Page layout window shows available column width ratios

  5. Select the Save button to return to the content editor. Your page is now updated with the new layout.
  6. When you have finished editing, select the Publish button in the toolbar.

Note: Toggling between Single column and a two-column layout has the same effect as (un)selecting Span right-hand side in page properties. If you select Single column layout, any existing right content is hidden. You can display this content again by changing the page to any two-column layouts.


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