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How do I restore a previous version of my page?

When you edit a page, SiteBuilder records a new entry on the History tab. You can use the page history to:

  • View older versions of a page
  • Restore a previous version
SiteBuilder stores up to 50 versions. When this limit is reached, new edits appear at the start of the history and the oldest versions are removed. However, you can ‘pin’ important revisions on the History tab. Pinned versions stay in the history, regardless of the number of edits. You can pin up to 40 items.
  1. Go the page you want to restore a previous version of.
  2. Go to Edit > More > History tab to see a list of previous edits, including the time, date and who edited the page:

    History of changes to SiteBuilder FAQs page

  3. To view a page version in a new window, select the magnifying glass icon at the left of the version's timestamp.
  4. When you identify the correct version you wish to restore, select the Restore button in the Action column.
  5. When you restore a version, another version appears at the top of the History tab (because you have created another version of the page).
  6. When you have finished, select the Done button in the toolbar. The page is restored to the version you selected.

Note: Each page template (Basic, Form, Gallery, etc.) has its own page history. If you change the page template, say, from Basic to another template, the versions on the History tab for the Basic page are no longer displayed. Change the page template back to a Basic page and the respective page history returns.

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