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Create an event

Add an event

  1. Go to your calendar page and select Add. Alternatively, hover over the event date and select the + button.

    Create event button

  2. Enter the Title of the event.
  3. In the Notes box, enter a brief summary of the event.
  4. Optionally, use the Detail section to provide a longer description:

    • Use a pre-existing web page for this item's detail – if you already have a page describing the event (say, an agenda with speaker biographies), choose this option and enter the web address in the URL box. For example:
    • Create the detail for this item now – to enter a longer description now, select this option and type the description in the Detail box.
  5. Enter the venue – for example, a room number for events on campus events – in the Location box.
  6. Specify the date, and start and end times. For events that span a full day or several days, select All-day event.
  7. To set this event to recur from the Start date onwards, choose an option from the Repeats menu: daily; every weekday (Monday to Friday); weekly; monthly; or annually. Also, set the Until date to specify when the recurring event stops.

    Note: by default, repeating events are a linked series – changes to the event apply to all events in the series. If necessary, you can unlink a series to edit individual events – for example, to change the guest speaker name or topic at a monthly research seminar. After you unlink events from a series, it's not possible to re-link them.

  8. Optionally, select the appropriate tags to categorise your event.
  9. Select Save.

Create an event via quick add

  1. Go to the Add box at the top left of the calendar:

    Quick add box

  2. Enter the details of the event, which appear in a pop-up as you type. To add an event with a title, date, start and end times, and location, use the following format:

    Leading Directors of French Cinema 03/12/2018 18:00 to 19:00 in H1.01

    Quickly add event details

    Note: the date format must be dd/mm/yyyy – for example, 3 December 2018 is 03/12/2018
  3. Select Add or press Enter/Return. The event is now published on the calendar. To make any changes or add more detail, select Edit item.

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