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Add a multiple-choice rating set to a form

A ratings set is a very useful way of allowing people to rate several related items on the same scale and can be used for any number of things you wish people to rate. You can use a numeric ratings scale of 1-10 or a textual ratings scale. The multiple choice allows the user to select different ratings for the same item.

Here's an example where you could use a ratings set. You have run a conference recently and would like to get people's opinion of the event. The multi-choice ratings set uses checkboxes and the user can make several selections for each item being rated.

  1. Browse to the form page you wish to edit and ensure you are signed in and have the necessary editing rights.
  2. Select Edit > Edit formsbuilder page. A list of edit options will appear on the left-hand side of the form.
  3. A list of edit options will appear on the left-hand side of the form. Select the multi choice ratings set at the bottom of the Choice options.

    Forms - Add/Edit a multiple choice ratings set

    The Add/Edit a multi choice ratings set edit screen will be displayed:

    Forms - add a multi-choice ratings set edit screen

  4. Enter a Field name to be used in submission results. You will see this field is starred in red. This means this is a compulsory field and you will not be able to save the field until this is added. If the field name is self-explanatory, this can double as the label.
  5. Enter a Label for the text box visible to the user. Here you can provide detailed instructions for the user. If you leave the Label blank, then the Field name will be used.
  6. Enter the first of the Possible ratings in the first field. You can have a maximum of up to 10 possible ratings, which could either be a numerical scale (1-10) or a textual scale, such as Excellent, Good, Average, Poor, Very poor, for example. Type the number 1 (or the first textual rating) on the first line.
  7. Use the Add new item button under the Possible ratings section to continue adding all the other ratings.
  8. Enter the first of the Items to rate in the field.
  9. Use the Add new item button under the Items to rate to continue adding all the other items to rate.
  10. Specify if there is a Default rating.
  11. Specify if this is to be a Required field.
  12. Decide if this field should be Only visible to editors.
  13. Select the Save button.

You will see that your new item has appeared on the form, along with a set of edit tool icons just to the left of the item. The cross deletes an item, the up and down arrow keys allow you to move each item up and down one field at a time, and the edit icon allows you to edit the item directly without having to go back into the form editing section.

On the right-hand side you will also see an extra set of drop-down menus which will help the user in a mobile rendition, where small checkboxes and 'fat fingers' may not be happy companions!

If you want to view the form, rather than add further elements, select the Done button, which is in the top right-hand corner of the page. The user will see a different rendition according to the device they are viewing the form on. Here is the published view on desktop:

Forms - multi-choice ratings set published view

And here is the published view on mobile:

Forms - multi-choice ratings set published view mobile

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