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Privacy notices

In line with the latest data protection legislation, it's necessary for the University to be open about the information we collect about people and how we use that information. Ideally, the privacy notice should advise people who submit the form:

  • what information you are collecting about them
  • why you are collecting the information or what you intend to do with it
  • how long you expect to keep the data
  • who can access the data

When you create a new form, there's a default privacy notice at the bottom of the form:

This form is anonymous. No data which personally identifies you is collected on the form, and the data you provide is used solely to help us improve the delivery of our courses.

It's not possible to remove the privacy notice or change its position within the form, but you can edit the text to suit your form's purpose.

To edit the privacy notice:

    1. Browse to the form you wish to edit.
    2. Go to Edit > Edit formsbuilder page.
    3. Select the edit icon alongside the privacy notice:

      Edit button displayed in form options

    4. The Edit your privacy notice page appears:

      Edit your privacy notice screen

    5. You can reuse or adapt sample notices. To do so, choose one from the Sample notices drop-down list.

    You should only use the Anonymous form option if your form collects no personal data (i.e. not even a person's name or ID number).

    1. In the Your notice box, edit the text so that it accurately reflects your department's position. Ideally, your notice should say something about what the data you're collecting is used for, how long you expect to retain the data for and who can access the data.
    2. When you have finished editing the notice, select Save.

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