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Adding or editing basic text boxes

You will probably want to start creating your form with some basic text box questions such as asking for the respondent's name and contact details - eg 'personal detail fields' and 'address fields'.

Name Description
Personal details Guide to adding or editing a set of personal details to a form for Warwick members: University ID number, user code, full name and email address.
Address fields Adding/editing address fields on a form - Address line 1, Address line 2, Town or city, County, Postcode, Country
Date field Instructions on how to add or edit a date field on the form page template in SiteBuilder.
Email field Adding/editing an email field on a form
Phone number field Adding/editing a phone number field on a form
Single line text box Adding/editing a single line text box on a form for one line answers
Multi-line text box Adding/editing a multi-line text box on a form for more detailed answers
Additional comments Inserting additional comments on a form in SiteBuilder
Attach a document Attaching documents to a form (both sending and receiving)


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