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Adding or editing a set of personal details

Adding a set of personal details enables you to add several details to the form at once (if the University member is logged in) in the same way that an address field automatically provides you with several fields.

  1. Go to the form page you wish to edit and ensure you're signed in and have the necessary editing rights.
  2. Select Edit > Edit formsbuilder page or Edit this form from the bottom of the form. A list of edit options will appear on the left hand side of the form.
  3. Select Personal detail fields.

    Add a set of personal details to a form

    Then additional fields will be automatically added to the form on the right hand side. There is no additional editing screen. The 4 additional fields are:
    • University ID number
    • User code
    • Full name
    • Email

Each field is a separate entity and can be edited, deleted or moved up and down as required. A set of edit tools will appear by each field to enable you to perform these actions. The fields are auto-populated with the required data (if the Warwick is already signed in), which saves logged-in users having to type in the information, but they can be edited to remove this option.

Note: Please be aware you may need to edit your privacy statement to accurately reflect what information you're collecting and what you intend to do with it.

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