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Adding or editing choice options on a form

Choice options are components that allow the user to make an active choice such as radio buttons, drop down menus, checkboxes or ratings sets.

Name Description
Option buttons Adding/editing a set of option buttons to a form. All the choices are visible and the user makes one choice
Checkboxes Adding/editing a set of checkboxes to a form. The user can make multiple choices
Drop-down list Adding/editing a drop-down list on a form. The choices are not visible and the user clicks on the drop-down list to display the options and clicks on one choice from the list
Pair of drop-down lists Adding/editing a pair of drop-down lists on a form. The choice made in the first list determines the options available for the second list
Single choice ratings set Adding/editing a single choice ratings set to a form. This uses option buttons and the user is only allowed to select one ratings value per item
Multi-choice ratings set Adding/editing a multi-choice ratings set on a form. The user is able to rate several things on a scale and can add more than one choice using checkboxes


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