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How secure is FormsBuilder?

FormsBuilder has a similar level of security to email. In general, you should not use it to collect highly sensitive data. So, you need to decide carefully if the data you wish to collect is safe to do so in this format. However, you can request your form be updated to HTTPS (HTTP Secure) by contacting webteam at warwick dot ac dot uk.

Before you create your form using FormsBuilder, consider:

  • the sort of data you will collect
  • the context in which the data is collected

FormsBuilder has a similar level of security to email. This means that anyone might be able to view form data while it's being sent from the user's computer to the SiteBuilder database, or when you view form submissions. So, when deciding whether FormsBuilder is suitable for your form, you should consider whether it would be appropriate to collect the same information by email.

If you want an online form to collect sensitive, financial or personal information (e.g. credit card numbers or medical history), then FormsBuilder in its default state is not suitable.

For financial data, you might want to consider using the University's online payment service instead.

If you want to collect information such as name, address or phone number, then it is your responsibility as the form owner to consider the context in which you are collecting that data. Collecting contact details as part of a survey on harassment, for example, would probably not be appropriate. Collecting contact details as part of a conference registration may be acceptable.

HTTPS (HTTP Secure) forms

If you have a particular form that requires sensitive handling, please send a request to the ITS Web Team (webteam at warwick dot ac dot uk) to have your form updated to use HTTPS. This provides end-to-end encryption of form data from the user to the SiteBuilder database.

Note that HTTPS forms do not send detailed responses by email. This is by design, as email is inherently insecure.


Email webteam at warwick dot ac dot uk
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