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Follow or unfollow a discussion forum

You can receive email notifications of new posts and replies in discussion forums. Also, you can subscribe to forums with public view permissions via RSS.

In this article:

Follow or unfollow a forum

  1. Go to the discussion forum.
  2. To start receiving email notifications, select Follow beneath the page heading:

    Follow forum button

  3. To stop receiving notifications, select Unfollow beneath the page heading.

Follow or unfollow a single topic

  1. Go to the discussion forum.
  2. Visit the topic you wish to follow or unfollow.
  3. Select either Follow or Unfollow beneath the page heading:

    Follow topic button

Manage your forum notifications

  1. Go to any discussion forum in SiteBuilder.
  2. Select My Forums beneath the page heading:

    My Forums button

  3. On the My Forums page, you can see all the forums you currently follow. To stop receiving notifications for a particular forum, select Unfollow beneath the relevant forum.

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