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What is Go.Warwick?

Go.Warwick is a service to shorten long web addresses (URLs) to create short, consistent and memorable URLs.

Web addresses (URLs) can be long. For example, the web address for SiteBuilder is:

This is because the University's website is highly structured to keep it organised and make it easier to administer. All academic faculties are located under They are further organised into subcategories:

…and so on down to the individual departments.

Administrative departments are located under:

Although there are obvious benefits to this system, it also has drawbacks. Long web addresses are difficult to remember, tell people or fit on stationery.

To tackle this problem, staff can use the Go.Warwick service to create shorter, more consistent web addresses. Staff can request new redirects and edit existing redirects at any time.

To request a new short web address, visit Once created, you can cite a short address as:

Note that and will also work.

As well as being easier to remember, using a Go.Warwick web address on printed material helps prevent the material from becoming obsolete if you restructure your website. If the web address of your page changes, you can simply edit the Go.Warwick redirect to point to the new address.

If you have previously cited Go redirects in the form:

…these will continue to work. However, the best form to use is the simplest, shortest one:
Note: if you include a URL in an email or a Word document and you want the reader to be able to click on it, you still need to put https:// in front of it.

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