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How do I add an image to a news item?

There are two ways to add images to a news item:

Show a thumbnail image with a news item

You can add a small image to show as a thumbnail with this news item. This will be shown to the left of the title wherever the item is displayed in a news headlines list elsewhere on your site, if Show thumbnail images has been selected in the page properties page of where the news headline list will appear, something like this:

Thumbnails with news headlines

The thumbnail image will also be displayed to the left of the abstract on your news page (unless this has been disabled in the news page properties):

To select a thumbnail image to show with a news item:

  1. Go to your news page.
  2. Select Create new item to create a new news item, or select the existing item you wish from your news page to add a thumbnail image to and Select the Edit item link at the bottom right of the story.
  3. Select the Browse button to locate the file on your computer. Images can be square or rectangular and must be a JPG or PNG file. The minimum size is 100x100 pixels and maximum size is 300x300 pixels.
  4. Select the image you wish to add from the files on your computer and select the Open button or double click the file to add it to the image editor.
  5. Fill in or edit the other fields as required for the news story,
  6. Select the Create item or Save changes button. When you publish the story, the image will also be placed in the top left of the Abstract field.

Insert an image into a news item

You can also add images to the Abstract or Detail fields of your news item using the image picker available in the NewsBuilder editor (a cut-down version of the standard SiteBuilder tools).

The image picker (tree icon) can be used to locate and insert the image. Once you have inserted the image you can edit its appearance by right-clicking on the image and selecting Insert/Edit Image to access the image editor. More information on Editing the image appearance.

Images inserted into news items in this fashion will not appear in newsfeeds.

For web page content to remain accessible, it's important to ensure Image properties are edited to include an Image description. See: add text-based alternatives to visual media.

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