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How do I order pages in the local navigation menu?

When you create new pages, the navigation menu updates automatically and shows pages in alphabetical order. You can change the order in which pages appear in the menu to best suit your audience.

  1. Consider the order in which you want your pages to appear.
  2. Browse to the page immediately above the pages that you wish to reorder.
  3. Go to Edit > More > Sub-pages tab.
  4. Select the Re-order button in the toolbar. You can see a list of pages and files beneath the current page:

    Reorder pages and files

    Pages and files not currently shown in the local navigation, and deleted pages and files, are not in the list by default. To reorder non-visible and deleted pages or files, select the relevant checkbox.

  5. In the list, identify the page that you wish to reorder. Click and drag the page up or down to a new position.
  6. Continue doing this until you're happy with the order.

    Tip: click the eye icon to toggle whether a page is visible in the local navigation or hidden.

  7. Select the Save button.
  8. Select the Done button. You should see the pages in the local navigation menu in the new order.

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