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Allow someone else to edit your pages

This article describes how to give someone else permission to edit your pages. To assign permissions for others to edit a page, you need admin permissions for that same page.
  1. Browse to the page where you want to add permissions.
  2. Go to Edit > Edit page permissions. The Edit permissions screen appears with current permissions at the right:

    Edit permissions screen

  3. To specify a person, in the Add permissions section, select This user or group and start typing the person's name or usercode. Select their name from the list of suggestions:

    Find a user popup

  4. Select Edit:

    Add edit permission

  5. To apply the permission select the appropriate button:

    • Add permission to page button Add permission to page
    • Add permission to section button Add permission to this page and all pages below
  6. If there are files beneath the page, you're prompted to confirm whether or not you want to give edit permissions for the files too. Select the checkbox to add permissions (or leave it unselected to retain the current permissions), then select Save changes:

    Add edit permission to files

  7. You can now see the person in the Current permissions at the right.
  8. When you have finished adding permissions, select Done.

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