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Pages-to-Go enables you to open a single window that contains all the content of the current page and sub-pages. The idea is to speed up printing or saving multiple web pages as a single document. The content is plain text with a contents list, ready for printing or saving.

When Pages-to-Go is enabled in page properties, the Pages-to-Go link displays in the footer. Select the link to load the content in a new window.

Pages-to-Go link highlighted in footer

To enable Pages-to-Go:

  1. Go to Edit > Edit page properties.
  2. Select Advanced properties to expand it, then select Supports Pages-to-go:

    Pages-to-Go checkbox selected in page properties

  3. Select Save changes.

Tip: This feature is useful if you have lecture notes distributed across several SiteBuilder pages. Enable the Pages-to-Go property on the topmost page for students to retrieve a single document that contains all the lecture notes.



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