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Add a detailed single choice question to a quiz

Use the detailed single choice question type to present several, perhaps similar answers with feedback and score weighting for each possible answer. The participant can select only one choice.

Note: to present a list of possible answers where only one is selectable and correct, use the single choice question type instead.

  1. Go to your quiz.
  2. Go to Edit > Edit quizbuilder page.
  3. Under Add a question, select Single choice (detailed). The Add/Edit a detailed single choice question page appears:

    Detailed single choice question

  4. In the Question name box, enter a name to help you identify the question in submissions – for example, question1. Participants do not see it on the quiz.
  5. Enter the question for the participant in the Question box.
  6. Enter the first answer choice in the Choice box. To specify the correct answer, prepend a plus sign + – for example:

  7. Enter the Score for this choice. Scores are weighted, so give the highest score to the correct answer, the next highest score to the next closest answer, and so on. This system rewards participants who answer correctly yet also rewards those who reasonably attempt to answer the questions.
  8. Enter the Feedback for this particular choice.
  9. Select Add choice, then repeat steps 6–8 for the remaining answer choices.
  10. When you have finished adding the choices, select Save.
  11. Select Done.

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