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Add video or audio to a quiz

Use the [media] tag to embed a video or audio file in questions, answer choices, and feedback for right or wrong answers. To ensure your video or audio plays on any web browser or device, convert the original files to a form suitable for the web.
  1. Browse to your quiz.
  2. Go to Edit > More, then select the Files tab.
  3. Select Upload.
  4. Select Browse/Choose Files and attach the video or audio clip from your computer. Select Upload. The file appears on the Files tab:

    Files tab

    Note: you can embed video from YouTube or Vimeo rather than uploading a file to SiteBuilder.
  5. Select Done to return to your quiz.
  6. Go to Edit > Edit quizbuilder page.
  7. Depending on where you want to show the video or audio, add a new question or edit an existing question.
  8. To insert the video or audio in the Question, Choices or Feedback boxes, enter the file name wrapped in a [media] tag – for example:


    To insert a video from YouTube, for example, enter the video's URL:

  9. Select Save.
  10. When you have finished editing your quiz, select Done. View the published quiz and check that the video or audio file plays.

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