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How do I add a single choice question to a quiz?

Use a single choice question to show a list of choices where only one choice is selectable. You can provide as many possible answers as you like. One of the choices is correct. All other choices should be wrong, though incorrect but plausible answers are a valuable part of this question type.
  1. Go to your quiz.
  2. Go to Edit > Edit quizbuilder page or select Edit this quiz at the bottom of the page.
  3. Select Single choice from the Add a question options at the left-hand side. The Add/Edit a single choice question page appears:

    Add a single choice question

  4. In the Question name box, type a name for the question – for example, question1. The Question name isn't displayed to the participant; it's used to identify the question in submissions.
  5. In the Question box, type the question. This is displayed to the participant.
  6. Type all the answer choices in the Choices box, one per line.
  7. Specify the correct answer by prepending it with a plus symbol (+). For example, for the question Which of these is a fruit? enter the following in the Choices box:

  8. In the Feedback for correct answer box, type in any feedback.
  9. In the Feedback for wrong answer box, type in any feedback.
  10. Select the Save button.
  11. When you have finished editing the quiz, select the Done button at the top right.

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