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How do I add a text box question to a quiz?

Use a text box question when you want a person to type in a short answer.
  1. Go to your quiz page.
  2. Go to Edit > Edit quizbuilder page or select the Edit this quiz link at the bottom of the page. The options to edit the quiz display at the left-hand side.
  3. Select Textbox at the left-hand side:

    Textbox option highlighted

  4. The Add/Edit a textbox question edit page appears:

    Add or edit a textbox question

  5. In the Question name box, type a name for the question – for example, question1. The Question name isn't displayed to the participant; it's used to identify the question in submissions.
  6. In the Question box, type the question. This is displayed to the participant.
  7. In the Correct answer box, type the correct answer.

    How to encourage a correct answer

    Text questions can be tricky because they only work effectively when you can predict what the person will reasonably type in the answer box. I.e. when there is exactly one way to express the right answer. So, Name a day of the week which begins with T is no good, because the answer can be Tuesday or Thursday. Name a day of the week which begins with W is better, as one anwer is possible.

    However, you can reasonably expect a person to type Wednesday, Weds or Wed. To accept all possible synonyms for an answer, type the synonyms separated by a pipe character | in the Correct answer box. E.g:


    Selecting the options in the following three steps can increase the chance that the person's answer is accepted as correct.

  8. Choose whether to Ignore case – select the checkbox to, for example, regard both Wed and wed as correct. It's sensible to select this option unless the answer specifically requires upper case letters.
  9. Choose whether to Strip punctuation – for example, when Strip punctuation is selected, the answer Wed. is regarded as correct even if you use Wed in the Correct answer box. When you select this checkbox, commas, apostrophes, hyphens, full stops and quotation marks (single and double) are removed from answers.
  10. Choose whether to Ignore order – for example, if you ask What two days of the week begin with T? and select the Ignore order checkbox, the answers Tuesday Thursday and Thursday Tuesday are both accepted.
  11. In the Feedback for correct answer box, type in any feedback for the participant.
  12. In the Feedback for wrong answer box, type in any feedback for the participant.
  13. Select the Save button.
  14. When you have finished editing the quiz, select the Done button at the top right.


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