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Introduction to resource bookings

The Bookings page template is a calendar for people to book resources via your website – for example, a room, a piece of equipment, or an appointment with a member of staff.

This article includes guidance related to:

The calendar view

There are three different views:

You can set the default calendar view for your page, but users can choose an alternative one if they wish using the drop-down list in the top right corner of the calendar.

Day view

The day view shows bookings for all of a page's resources on the selected day. You can change the day using the picker above the calendar:

Day view of a resource bookings page

4-day view

The 4-day view shows bookings for a single resource during the next four days. You can see the availability of each resource using the tabs above the calendar:

Four-day view of a resource bookings page

Week view

The week view shows bookings for a single resource during the selected week. You can see the availability of each resource using the tabs above the calendar:

Week view of a resource bookings page

Creating or editing a booking

Each available time period in the calendar contains a Make booking button to create a new booking:

The calendar view, with a 'Make booking' button highlighted

Selecting one of these buttons opens the Make booking pop-up, enabling you to create a new booking in the slot you've chosen. Here, you're able to alter the start and end date/time for a booking, and enter any other required or optional information in line with the resource settings.

If the resource requires bookings to be approved, booked slots with pending approval are highlighted to the user in blue:

A resource slot with a booking awaiting approval

Note: You cannot edit a booking that's awaiting approval.

After the booking has been created (and approved, if necessary), the page highlights time periods you've booked in green. Buttons on each of your booked slots enable you to Show booking details, Edit it, or Delete your booking.

A resource slot with an active booking highlighted in green

Any periods that have been booked by other users are greyed out and labelled as Unavailable. Depending on the options you've selected in the resource settings, they can also display information about the existing booking in that slot (the booker's name, required/additional info, for example).

Any time periods that have passed, or that the page admin has set as a period of unavailability, are also marked as Unavailable.

Resources that allow simultaneous bookings

If a resource allows more than one booking in the same period, the calendar displays the number of slots still available for a given time period. Only time periods with slots remaining contain a  Make booking button.

User view of a Resource, showing different numbers of available bookings

In the example above, the 14:00 period has been entirely booked out, including one slot by the current user. They can select the Show bookings button to see a list of their bookings in that time period.

The 14:30 period has 1 remaining booking slot. As one of the existing bookings in this period was made by the current user, they can use the buttons to  Make another booking in that slot, or  Show,  Edit or  Delete their current booking.

The 15:00 period has 1 slot available; the current user has no existing bookings at that time, and can only  Make a new booking.

The 15:30 period has reached capacity, and is now Unavailable for further bookings.

Admins and editors

If you have edit or admin permissions for a bookings page, you can edit bookings made by other users on their pages. Additionally, all bookings display an Email booker button, which enables you to directly contact the user who made that booking.

The admin view of a Bookings page, with the 'Email booker' button highlighted

To edit or remove bookings for a resource that allows multiple simultaneous bookings, select the Show bookings button to see the full list, then use the buttons next to a booking to remove or edit it. You can also select a user from the list in this pop-up to email the booker, if required.

The admin view of the Show bookings pop-up, with the option to edit or remove any bookings for the selected time period

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