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How do I get a report of all content in my site?

You can export a report listing all the pages, images and files on your site to a CSV file. To do so, you need admin or edit permissions for your site's home page. The report can help you tackle content management tasks such as:

  • identifying pages or files which have not been updated in a long time
  • identifying obsolete parts of your site which are in the public domain
  • optimising page titles and descriptions for search engines
  • ensuring view, edit and admin permissions are appropriate and up to date
  1. Navigate to your site's home page.
  2. Go to Edit > More > Current site tab. (You need admin or edit permissions on the home page to see this tab.)
  3. Under the Site reports section, select the Build report button:

    Build report button in Site reports section

  4. You receive the CSV file by email from no-reply at warwick dot ac dot uk. It may take some time to generate the report, depending on the size of your site.
  5. The report contains the following information for all pages, images and files on your site:


Email webteam at warwick dot ac dot uk
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