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How do I replace a page contact site-wide?

This page covers how to replace one page contact with another across an entire site or a section within a site – for example, when a staff member leaves or joins Warwick, or when a team name and resource account change. See the separate guidance on how to change the page contact for a single page or multiple pages.

To replace the page contact for all pages within a site, you need admin or edit permissions for the home page.

  1. Browse to any page in the site where you wish to replace a page contact.
  2. Go to Edit > More > Current site tab.
  3. Under Manage site, select Change page contacts:

    Current site tab

  4. Specify the current page contact to replace in the first text box.
  5. Specify the new page contact. To add a person, start typing their name in the text box. Alternatively, enter their usercode. Click their name to select them:

    Bulk replace page contact

  6. In Replace in pages under, enter the URL of the topmost page in the section you wish to change the page contact for. For example – to change the page contact for your home page and all pages below, leave Replace in pages under empty. Otherwise, enter the URL of the appropriate section:

    Bulk replace page contact

  7. Select the Preview changes button to see a list of all pages where the contact will change.
  8. Select the Save changes button to go ahead and bulk replace the page contact for all pages listed in the preview.

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