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How do I change the site title?

To edit the title of your website, you need administrator or edit permissions for the home page.

  1. Browse to your home page.
  2. Go to Edit > More > Current site tab.
  3. Select Edit site properties:

    Current site tab

  4. Enter the full site title in the Long description box – for example, School of Engineering:

    Edit site properties screen

    The Long description displays in the masthead beneath the Warwick logo on screens wider than 767px:

    Long description displayed under Warwick logo

  5. Enter a title in the Short description box. This version is displayed for your site in Warwick Search results.
  6. Enter a shorter, alternate title in the Ultra short description box. This version displays on screen widths less than 768px. For example, Engineering:
    Ultra short description displayed on small screen widths
  7. Select the Save changes button.
  8. Select the Done button at the top right of the edit section.
  9. You should now see the new site title in the masthead of all pages on your site.


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