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What does my website look like on mobile devices?

21% of visits to the University's website during January-August 2016 were via mobile devices. Visits via mobile devices have approximately doubled each year since 2010.

Pie chart shows 10.8 million visits via desktop to during January to August 2016, 3 million visits via mobile and 0.8 million via tablets

Visitors expect a good experience on your site when using a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

All SiteBuilder sites in the ID7 template display appropriately for the screen size being used to view the site. As the screen width narrows, content automatically reflows into fewer columns. At the smallest screen sizes (e.g. iPhone) content stacks into a single column. This makes sites easier to view and navigate on mobile devices.

As an example, here's the School of Engineering's site viewed in a desktop web browser and on mobile devices:

School of Engineering home page displayed at several screen widths


Academic department sites have a faculty navigation menu in the masthead. Tap the icon to view the menu:

Faculty pop-up menu shown on School of Engineering site


The search box is displayed in the same location on mobile devices as on desktops – the top right:

Search box as seen on mobile devices


Tables are used in two different ways in SiteBuilder. Tables are designed to present tabular data, though some SiteBuilder editors use tables to layout content. By default, tables automatically reflow to stack into a single column when viewed on a mobile device:

Table as seen on a mobile device

You can choose whether your table should reflow or not when you create or edit tables in SiteBuilder.


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