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What does my website look like?

All SiteBuilder pages are based on the University's common website template:

Main parts of the common website template

The main features of this template are:

Responsive content

The centred zone expands and contracts responsively (to a maximum width of 1,170 pixels) according to the width of your screen. This ensures that the website displays optimally when you view it on a large desktop monitor, laptop, tablet, smartphone or another small-screen device.


The masthead at the top of the page contains:

  • the University of Warwick logo and window device, which links to
  • utility links which relate to the entire website (sign in and edit)
  • a search box
  • the current site title – this is shown on all pages on the current site and links to the current site's home page


This is the horizontal navigation menu specific to the current site and appears above of the page content. The primary navigation in the first row displays top-level sections and persists throughout the site. Secondary navigation is shown in the second row.

Page content

This can be divided into one or two columns of different sizes. If you're familiar with HTML and Bootstrap, you can use the Bootstrap grid system to create your own layouts with multiple columns and rows.

Page borders

The borders at the left- and right-hand sides of the centred zone can contain images or solid colour.


The footer appears at the bottom of every page. It contains a page contact – the person or department responsible for the content of the page. Select their name to open a new message pop-up you can use to email the page contact:

Page contact highlighted in footer


Email webteam at warwick dot ac dot uk
How to report a problem